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I, Patrick Harrington, am a veteran English teacher of 30+ years’ experience, almost entirely in tertiary education. Not having the patience for research, I instead turned to writing classroom material, and this led to textbook writing.

Yes Series consists of six textbooks for students, plus one book for teachers.

All books are exclusively available online through print-on-demand (there is no stock, copies are printed when ordered), and delivery takes 2/3 days.

Why the name ‘Yes Series’? It is simply a nod to an exhibit at the Indica Gallery in Mayfair, London on November 7th 1966.

YES, by Yoko Ono

The exhibition was visited by a highly skeptical John Lennon, when he first met Yoko, climbed a ladder, picked up a suspended spyglass, found the tiny word YES printed on the ceiling, and the rest is history. John explains the bizarre encounter in this video.

This encounter has always resonated with me, and Yes seems a perfect positive word. I initially thought it could be an acronym for Your English Study, and even toyed with the idea of using Yankee Echo Sierra, but decided against these, the simple word Yes says it all.

Should you wish to contact me, please use the format below but, since I run a one-person operation, an immediate response will not always be possible.

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