Fantasy Points and Where to Find Them (25)

In the world of football (soccer) they’ve variously used the terms injury time, extra time, overtime, added-on time, stoppage time (and even the philosophical sounding lost time and missing time) for the time tacked on to the end of each 45 minute half, to account for a multitude of non-playing periods.

After decades of faffing around FIFA seems to have settled on the term additional time, but, knowing FIFA, that could all change tomorrow.

Similarly I have been through a gamut of terms for fantasy points, using such labels as extra points, bonus points, and even stars (admittedly I have never tried additional points), but nothing works quite like fantasy points.

Possibly this is due in a big way to the enduring acclaim of JK Rowling, Harry Potter and Newt Scamander, and their worlds of wizardry, wands, muggles and every flavor beans. It is a source teeming with possibilities for natural classroom chit-chat.

As far as FIFA is concerned I would use the term added time (it’s less of a mouthful) or I would use a suitable word from another language. Or better still would be a game clock of 30 minutes per half, but what do I know?

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