Self-Introduction Quiz (1)

As this is primarily intended to introduce the teacher, rather than the students, the questions will naturally be somewhat different for each teacher, and the possible answers will be markedly different.

Nevertheless here are a few possible questions that you may wish to include:

  • What is my name?
  • Where am I from?
  • How many sisters/brothers do I have?
  • Am I married?
  • How many children do I have?
  • What’s my favorite sport/fruit/color/animal?
  • What vegetable do I dislike?
  • What pet do I have? / Do I have a pet?
  • Who is my favorite singer/actor/celebrity?
  • Which football/baseball/basketball team do I support?
  • Where would I love to visit?

This is just a simple selection, but any quirky questions are sure to lighten up the class (always welcome in the opening lesson), and some quirky distracters will no doubt help too.

Please leave any comment in the box below. Only a name (or nickname) is required; no need for an email address or website.

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